Belairdirect celebrates the way we drive

The insurance brand's new video series offers an emotionally relevant addition to its product-focused marketing.

Belairdirect may be best known for using a knight to show you the best way to save money or get a quote, but a new effort aims to create more of a personal connection by shifting the focus to people actually behind the wheel.

In an online series of mini-documentaries called “Roadside Stories,” the insurance brand attempts to explore all the different facets of the driving experience in Canada.

The first video, dubbed “Shift Gears,” focuses on four people who immigrated to Canada from different parts of the world. Beyond being a celebration of diversity in Canada, it also explores the ways they had to change their driving habits once they arrived here, be it differences in driver aggression, dealing with the weather or the cultural reliance on cars instead of other forms of transportation.

Other videos focus on things like how a road trip across Canada can be a method of exploration and self-discovery, or going through someone’s collection of classic cars as way to examine the evolution of driving culture in Canada.

The video series marks something of a departure for Belairdirect. The insurance company has typically been very product-focused in ads that feature its recognizable knight spokesperson. This year, the brand committed to more of a layered approach, maintaining its product-focused marketing as a way to directly address specific consumer pain points, while also establishing a broader, emotional connection through work like “Roadside Stories.”

“We don’t just insure cars, we insure people, memories and moments,” said Marie-Pierre Leclerc, interactive marketing and digital platforms manager at Belairdirect. “Our role in Canadians’ lives is to protect our drivers from the hassles of the road so they can focus on getting where they need to go. The goal of these videos is to celebrate both the diversity and resilience of Canadian drivers.”

The first three episodes have been collected on a dedicated microsite and on the brand’s YouTube channel, and will be supported with a social push on Facebook. More episodes are planned for release in the fall. Belairdirect worked with Montreal-based production house Davai on the campaign, with Konversion on media.