Boston Pizza’s senior marketer named president

Jordan Holm will take the helm at the end of the month as the casual dining chain's current leader retires.

Boston Pizza has tapped Jordan Holm, its top marketer, to lead the company following the retirement of its president and CEO Mark Pacinda.

Holm is currently executive vice president of marketing and communications. He joined Boston Pizza in 2006 and has held senior positions including SVP, investor relations and corporate communications and director of the Boston Pizza Foundation.

For his part, Pacinda joined the company in 1997, holding various senior roles, including EVP and chief operating officer. He has also been a director and the CEO of Boston Pizza GP since 2011, roles he will be departing as he retires.

Under Holm’s brand leadership, Boston Pizza introduced a new brand strategy this year, moving away from its more sports-focused approach. The chain also launched its urban strategy earlier this year, opening new tech-centric concept locations in Toronto.