Tangerine ramps up its efforts around investments

To capitalize on growing interest in the category, the digital bank gets a stuntman to tell consumers why its products stand out.

Tangerine has tweaked the formula in a new campaign to drive awareness of how its investment options stand out in a marketplace crowded with new entrants.

The latest spot in the online bank’s “Hard Work” platform follows a stuntman as he goes through the falls, fights and car crashes that are all in a day’s work. But as much as he loves his job, he knows that he can’t do it forever. So in between explosions and breaking glass, he explains to the viewer why Tangerine’s investment products are the right fit for him, such as not needing a minimum investment, availability of Tangerine experts and the option of talking to a human staff member for more complicated questions.

The spot debuted earlier this month on TV, in cinema and digital platforms. Other campaign elements include paid search, social, out-of-home and other digital assets meant to drive consumers to find out more about Tangerine’s investment options. Tangerine’s AOR John St. led creative.

Tangerine has offered investment products for roughly 10 years (before it was purchased by Scotiabank and was still known as ING Direct) that provide low-fee, online-first features. But it has been quiet about focusing on investment in its advertising.

Nick Nelson, VP of marketing at Tangerine, says there has been more conversation in the marketplace around investments driven by the entrance of new players and automated “robo advisors” – interest Tangerine is looking to capitalize on.

“We’re leveraging the conversation already in the market around robo to really bring prominence to what we bring and the player we can be,” Nelson says.

According to Tangerine’s research, consumers not only connect with the performance of an investment product they might be considering, but also the longevity of the institution providing it. “It was important for people to also understand we’ve been in the space for more than a decade and exceed $3 billion in AUM. These are proof points that are important to consumers when they are looking to make investment decisions, but like any other product we offer, it is built with the customer experience top-of-mind.”

Tangerine debuted its “Hard Work” platform in 2016, which has taken more of a vignette-style creative approach, showing slices of life of people who “work hard for their money” and range from retail workers to farmers to taxi drivers. But for the new campaign, Nelson says the bank needed to take a slightly more tactical approach. While less emotive, the new creative delivers a clearer message about what Tangerine offers and hits on key elements like the ease of use, Tangerine’s expertise and the help of human advisors, while still striking a balance with the values of “hard work” behind its other recent mass advertising.

“We have to break through in a competitive product area, competitive time of year and build awareness of Tangerine as an investment provider,” he says. “The masterbrand work was highly emotive and really posed a question to the viewer. Here, there was a key message to deliver, and we knew a simple message for a complex category could best be done through dialogue.”