Tech in Action: Volvo’s AI car conducts job interviews

The automaker turns a vehicle into an HR manager to meet with and test would-be technicians.

Who could judge a person’s knowledge of cars better than a car itself?

Volvo was looking to hire about 50 staff in Belgium who knew its vehicles well enough to be a technician with the company.

In a campaign led by Brussels-based agency Famous Grey, Volvo outfitted one of its S90 vehicles with AI features that allowed it to conduct a job interview.

The car used image recognition to analyze what the candidate was wearing and their facial expressions, assessed their knowledge, motivation and social skills based on the word choice in their answers and used its touch-screen features to quiz candidates on the features and parts of the vehicle. It even added in a few compliments and played some peaceful music in order to keep the candidates at ease.

The “HR90,” as the smart car was dubbed, sent an assessment report back to its “human” HR department to help the company decide whether to pursue a follow-up interview. The car made its debut at the Brussels Motor show in January and has since been touring job fairs, schools and Volvo dealerships.