FCB/Six launches consulting division

The digital agency creates a dedicated team that will focus on bringing clients' back-end systems up to speed.

FCB/Six is looking to help clients make sense of their technology and data systems with the creation of a new stand-alone consultancy.

FCB/Six Consulting will deliver services related to technology solutions, data solutions and marketing automation, and will be completely separated from the digital agency’s creative and communications work.

The division was built to focus exclusively on back-end support systems and CRM platforms, including marketing sales and service clouds. It will work with clients to examine their current technology stack, recommend any additions that need to be made, ensuring their data is structured properly and taking a critical look at whether any new technology adoptions will help deliver on their business objectives.

FCB/Six was launched in 2016 with the rebranding of digital shop Rivet and embracing of data-led creative work. Andrea Cook will continue to serve as president of both FCB/Six and the new consulting division, with Jacob Ciesielski, SVP of data and technology, providing direct oversight.

FCB/Six Consulting will be operating as its own distinct division, but will be providing support to clients of both FCB/SIX and FCB Canada.

Ciesielski says FCB/Six’s work has been focused on enabling technology to address business challenges and goals, but the new consulting division will be focused on helping clients actually implement new platforms and services, as well as ensuring their current services are able to support data- and tech-driven strategy and creative executions in the future.

“We found that would be an offering for all of our clients, because it’s a challenge all of them are facing,” Ciesielski says. “One of the biggest things we’ve seen very often is that their technology wasn’t set up for us to deliver the ideas we wanted to do. We had to come back with recommendations, changes to what the clients currently had and additional partners to bring to the table in order to make it happen. Clients are looking for results and ROI, so what we’re able to do now is bring all of that to the table ourselves.”

Ciesielski adds that launching these services as a separate division from FCB/Six allows the agency to provide this service regardless of whether the client is planning to launch a new campaign, or if they are working with another agency.

In November, FCB/Six hired a new managing director to cap off a year of growth that included new work with Paccar, The Bishop Strachan School, Acuvue Global, Janssen and Boehringer Ingelheim.