World Vision makes a love connection

The international aid organization looks to differentiate by focusing on the positive outcomes of donor support.

World Vision has launched a national anti-poverty campaign to show love can forge connections across millions of miles.

In a new TV spot, families, friends and teammates are connected with their counterparts in faraway countries as each holds up their hand to make one half of a heart.

The campaign supports World Vision’s new Village2Village program. World Vision typically allows donors to sponsor individual children in developing countries, but Village2Village allows individuals or groups to sponsor entire villages to help pay for self-sufficiency projects.

The organization worked with Montreal’s B-612 on the campaign. The national campaign, which runs until the end of April, is an effort to redefine World Vision’s brand image to be more inspiring.

“We needed to give ourselves an image that contrasts with other NGOs – a positive, authentic image that inspires hope,” said Carolyn Hébert, director of marketing campaigns at World Vision. “We want to tell Canadians that they can really make a difference with their love and their donations, that hope exists. And that together, we can overcome poverty, one small victory at a time.”

Other content for the campaign includes out-of-home and digital display ads. In addition to the TV spot, there is documentary content – both in the form of traditional videos and 360-degree videos – that aim to educate Canadians about World Vision beneficiaries and create a stronger emotional connection to their lives.

“We went to a small, underprivileged village in Nepal and saw with our own eyes the difficult conditions in which families live,” said Jean-François Ethier, strategist, producer and partner at B-612.  He adds that the documentary content still fits with the hopeful message of the campaign, despite the hardships it may show. “These people are determined to provide a better future for their children.”