Neal Brothers rebrands to focus on ‘goodness’

The company is celebrating its 30th anniversary with new branding and its first real marketing campaign.

Neal Brothers rebrand

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Ontario-based Neal Brothers is rolling out new packaging and supporting those efforts with its first real brand campaign.

Led by Toronto’s Republic, the “30 Acts of Goodness” campaign follows a brand refresh by Jackman Reinvents that saw the tagline “So Good Together” land on its redesigned packaging, according to co-founder Peter Neal.

The line is a nod to both the “goodness” the company aims to represent – Neal says the company is not all about the “bottom line” – and to the fact that it was founded and continues to be run by him and his brother, Chris.

“We knew we needed to bring certain elements of what the Neal Brothers brand stood for, and what the two founders – my brother and I – represented,” he says. “That wasn’t being captured in the current logo.”

A few years ago, Peter Neal met with a buyer from Whole Foods in the U.S. and was told that it really wanted to list the Neal Brothers brand, but said that its logo was too reminiscent of an “old cookie company,” says Neal. That exchange added to the many occasions in which friends and family discovered that they had eaten Neal Brothers’ products before, without even realizing it.

In short, the founders discovered it was time for a reinvention, says Neal.

NealBrothersTemporary branding by Jackman Reinvents was rolled out in 2016, in part to appease the buyers at Whole Foods. The latest work follows around seven months of planning and places the brand name in bold letters on the front of the package. It also returns to Neal Brothers’ original black label system. To date, around 16 SKUs bear the new packaging, with others to be rolled out in the future.

Overall, the goal was to make the brand a “little bit more adventurous and edgy,” says Neal, and more befitting for a company run by brothers with big personalities who enjoy riding their motorcycles.

In addition to the brand refresh, the brothers have put out a cookbook to help raise funds for Community Foods Centres of Canada. And as part of the campaign by Republic, from now until mid-October, the company is travelling across the country to carry out “30 Acts of Goodness,” with videos and activations to help thank those who have supported it throughout the years.

The effort includes sampling activations, including a recent one in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood in which the brothers participated to help consumers better associate the brand with their story, according to Neal.