Spotify holds a personalized bingo game

The music streaming service adds an experiential element to its annual "Wrapped" feature.


Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” feature is becoming a year-end tradition for its users – those who receive lists and insights based around their listening habits – as well as the advertising world, which has seen creative inspired by listening data from the previous 12 months.

Working with Sid Lee, the streaming service turned the insights from the past year into bingo cards. On Instagram, users could take a screengrab of the cards and circle the squares that apply to them – be it specific song titles or musical moods such as happiness – and share them with followers.

In Montreal on December 17 and in Toronto on December 19, Spotify and Sid Lee will be holding live bingo games, where attendees can receive personalized cards based on their use of the platform from the previous year. The gatherings, which feature live music, will be hosted by comedians Eddy King and Aisha Brown, while influencers will amplify the events via social media.

Jamie Herbert, head of North American marketing for Spotify, says the company was looking to bring the interactivity and customized experiences of “Wrapped” to life in a new way, while also touching on how music impacts users’ lives – a key reason consumers have connected with the feature over the years.