ParticipAction launches a data-driven mobile app

The non-profit is using data to serve personalized recommendations to help users reach their fitness goals.

Brands and retailers have spent years trying to use data to customize content and messages for its customers, but a new mobile app from ParticipAction is hoping to use data and CRM principles as a way to help Canadians reach their fitness goals.

After entering information about themselves, the app will set a user’s personalized fitness goals. The app will keep track of a user’s progress towards that goal, but the more they engage with the app, the more data it will have to customize the experience. The app will use what it knows about a user to offer suggestions for different activities to help keep them on track of their fitness goals, or personalized content like articles and videos aimed to give them advice on fitness and developing healthy habits.

The app also uses the activity data to give users entries in periodic prize draws. This is based on research from ParticipAction that showed 42% of Canadians would be more motivated to reach their fitness goals if they received incentives and rewards for both small and big milestones.

ParticipAction is a non-profit aimed at getting Canadians to be more active. It has typically done this through creative campaigns and PSAs targeted at children, though it previously developed online tools for kids and, in recent months, has been turning its attention to the adult population as well.

ParticipAction worked with agency GALE and development firm Clearbridge Mobile to create the app, which is available on both iOS and Android.