NexTech launches AR ‘try-on’ tool

A new service allows any retailer to integrate virtual trial features to their e-comm platform.

NexTech has launched an  augmented reality (AR) solution that allows retailers to more easily integrate virtual try-on capabilities with their e-commerce platforms.

NexTech is a company based in Toronto that is developing a retailer-focused AR ecosystem for online and physical digital platforms. Previous e-comm tools have focused on giving customers the option to see how products like furniture and appliances could fit in their home. Last month, NexTech announced a partnership with cannabis technology company Cannvas to add AR capabilities to its consumer education kiosks.

With “Try-It-On,” retailers can get the face-tracking solutions and AI-assisted image recognition needed to power virtual try-on features, with the emphasis being on simplicity: instead of a site redesign and a team of developers, NexTech is offering AR try-on features with only a few lines of code meant to adapt to most e-comm sites in exchange for a licensing fee. The current iteration of the service features head- and eye-tracking technology, allowing users to virtually try on things like hats, jewelry and eyewear. The company plans to add tracking features for lips, ears and mouths in the near future, which would expand its applications to things like jewelry, other accessories and cosmetics.

Using AR for “try on” features has been an increasingly common application for the technology, with beauty, fashion and accessories brands particularly eager to offer consumers who would prefer to shop online the confidence that comes with trying on a product before purchase. Research by Digital Bridge suggests that 74% of consumers expect retailers to offer an AR experience in the near future, with one-third reporting they would be more likely to buy a product after using AR to preview it.