Canopy Growth helps Seth Rogen launch a cannabis brand

Houseplant is positioned around making quality cannabis accessible for new users.

Canopy Growth is helping a Canadian star and well-known cannabis advocate bring his cannabis brand to the market.

Houseplant was co-founded by Seth Rogen and his writing and producing partner Evan Goldberg. Canopy Growth has a minority ownership stake in Houseplant, and will provide it with support via its production and distribution capabilities. The pot producer says it has been working with Houseplant for two years on its development.

According to a press release, Houseplant is targeting experienced and new cannabis users alike. While product quality developed through years of “first-hand experience” is at the core of the brand, the company was “designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does,” said the release. Images of packaging on Houseplant’s website and social channels take inspiration from early-’90s VHS tapes, as do the colours in its design scheme and educational videos about cannabis on its website.

The goal of making cannabis buying easier is reflected in Houseplant’s product selection, as it’s focusing on only three strains for the time being to create “an intuitive shopping and consuming experience for customers” with simpler names than what is typically found from most licensed producers. Houseplant Sativa will be available in British Columbia in April. Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica strains will launch throughout the rest of the year, as will distribution across Canada. Products will be available in dried flower, softgels and pre-rolled formats.

Mark Zekulin, president and co-CEO of Canopy Growth, said in the company’s own press release that the goal is to make Houseplant a brand “synonymous with quality everywhere it is available.” Quality is also a cornerstone of the brand identity for several of Canopy’s other brands, including Tweed, DNA Genetics and Doja.