Check it out: Arrive Alive’s drunk radio

In new radio ads, the non-profit had actors drink above the legal driving limit before taping.

“Just because you sound sober, doesn’t mean you are.”

That’s the message behind a new public service announcement for the Ontario-based non-profit Arrive Alive Drive Sober, which works to prevent impaired driving.

New audio ads created by Rethink feature the voices of three people who sound perfectly sober, but who consumed enough alcohol to be over the legal limit before filming the spots.

A total of three different ads were created, one for each of the three categories of alcohol. In one, a woman who admits to having drank four glasses of wine before taping repeats tongue-twisters with relative ease. In another, a man who has consumed four beers notes he’s still capable of forming complete sentences without slurring his words. “I haven’t even told you that I love you over and over,” he says.

As the commercials aim to remind consumers, many people convince themselves that they are capable of driving, based entirely on how they sound. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe or even legal to do so.

The campaign launched in late June ahead of the summer season, which for many people presents a number of alcohol-drinking occasions.

While a number of organizations have historically run periodic announcements geared at reducing drunk driving, others have focused their efforts on fighting against driving while high since the legalization of cannabis last year.