Mount Pleasant Group builds connections after death

A new campaign aims to drive more positive associations with the cemetery and funeral services brand.

Many a marketer wants to show the role their brand plays in helping build and foster relationships. It’s a message even Mount Pleasant Group, a cemetery and funeral service company in the Greater Toronto Area, hopes will come across in its latest campaign.

The company’s new ad, a 60-second online video developed by long-time agency Union, reveals how relationships with loved ones can persist, even after death. In the video, a man who has purchased an engagement ring cycles across town to ask for the blessing of his girlfriend’s father, arriving at a gravesite to do so.

The longer film will be accompanied by shorter video that will similarly show how love can “last longer than a lifetime,” according to Union.

Rick Cowan, AVP of marketing and communications at Mount Pleasant Group, explained that people visit cemeteries to remember and feel connected to their loved ones who have passed away. In previous campaigns, the brand has addressed maintaining those relationships, such as through greeting cards that come with a voice recording. While other campaigns have placed the focus on physical items like memory boxes, this new campaign aims to create a positive association with the MPG brand more generally, so that it may be top-of-mind for customers in need of cemetery, with a message that memories can live on, even without a special box or greeting card.