How cannabis use is different between Canada and the U.S.

Americans are more likely to use it on a daily basis and are also bigger consumers of smokeless formats.
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Cannabis users in the U.S. are more likely than Canadians to consume cannabis more frequently, and are also more frequent consumers of different formats, like edibles.

That is according to a new cross-border cannabis report from Ipsos. The survey polled 1,500 Canadians who reported using recreational cannabis in the previous 12 months, as well as 1,200 Americans in states where recreational cannabis use has been legalized: California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts.

Americans are more likely to use cannabis on a regular basis than Canadians, with 37% of Americans reporting daily use, compared to 27% of Canadians who said the same. However, the most common frequency in both countries was weekly, with 61% of Canadians and Americans who use cannabis doing so at least once a week, with 12% doing so several times a month, 8% consuming once a month, 13% several times a year and 6% once a year or less.

The frequency of use is similar among those who use CBD-based products with no THC: 55% of those who have consumed CBD in the past year have done so once a week or more, with 15% doing so several times a month, 10% doing so once a month, 14% several times a year and 6% once a year or less. CBD is also more popular among Americans, with 48% using CBD in the last year, compared to 35% of Canadians.

The most preferred method of consuming cannabis is smoking (61%), with 19% preferring edibles, 13% preferring vaping and 3% preferring gel capsules. With vaping and edibles still not permitted for sale at retail in Canada until the end of the year, it’s not surprising that Americans are more likely to prefer vaping (16%, compared to 11% of Canadians) and edibles (21%, compared to 17% of Canadians).

While some alcohol companies may have concerns about the potential for recreational cannabis to cut into their sales, the survey found that 84% of cannabis users also consumed alcohol during the same period, while 52% said they used tobacco products and 41% used (non-THC) CBD products. Most cannabis users (67%) consume it to wind down after a long day, compared to 38% who say the same of alcohol. Canadians are more likely to use alcohol to relax (42%) than Americans (33%).

When it comes to their buying habits, 67% of Americans and 44% of Canadians buy from a recreational store or dispensary, while 38% of Canadians and 25% of Americans buy from their friends.

While 53% of Americans said they are willing to discuss cannabis use after a first date, only 37% of Canadians said the same, with 22% preferring to wait until after the second date.