KPMG enlists Stradigi AI on strategic partnership

From the Tech newsletter: The companies will use each others' strengths to identify how to integrate AI into clients' business.

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KPMG has partnered with Stradigi AI to jointly work with clients on developing AI solutions and integrating those solutions into its business and strategic plans.

As part of the partnership, a team comprised of staff members from both companies – including product designers, data scientists, engineers, lawyers and business consultants – will develop AI solutions for business clients using Kepler, Stradigi’s AI platform. Kepler’s capabilities include image and video recognition, natural language understanding, predictive data analysis, customer recommendation tools and strategic decision making.

According to a post on Stradigi’s website, the partnership will be focused on helping clients develop AI implementation strategies and identify roadblocks to adoption; “demystify” AI through workshops and the development of use cases; and develop custom AI solutions tailored to help clients achieve business growth.

The announcement is a formalization of a relationship that began earlier this year when Stradigi and KPMG began working together on a project for the Canada School of Public Service. The assignment was to create a cloud-based platform that would allow users in federal departments to analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured regulatory data, which is currently in pilot mode.

Stradigi AI, based on Montreal, is an AI company focused on creating scalable, applied solutions for business clients. Working with KPMG is the latest example of finding a partner to help it identify what business challenges it could solve and how it could work within an organization. Last year, Stradigi partnered with ad agency Cossette to establish a joint venture that would bring skills from both companies to work on projects and AI applications for both of their clients.

For KPMG, the partnership will also allow the company to better compete with other consultancies like Accenture – which has built itself around tech, innovation and AI in recent years – or tech-focused companies like IBM that have in-house consulting divisions to help clients adopt their AI platforms.