Juniper Park\TBWA launches Le Parc design offering

The stand-alone studio aims to give clients another avenue to the agency's design expertise.

Le Parc 1 - Jill Nykoliation, Nathalie Cusson

Juniper Park\TBWA is launching Le Parc, a design studio that will work on its own independent clients for exclusively design-focused projects.

Le Parc will provide on-demand solutions for corporate identity, commercial branding, packaging, editorial, websites, content, motion, and exhibition design. It will be led by Nathalie Cusson, who the agency named as the new head of design in February.

Jill Nykoliation, CEO of Juniper Park\TBWA, tells strategy that design has always been an integral part of how it builds brands, but the understanding of the importance of design is growing exponentially in the marketing world.

Nykoliation says that since Nathalie Cusson joined the agency, its design practice has continued to grow and get even stronger. She says Le Parc gives clients an additional avenue through which they can approach the agency for design work, likening it to a “second door on our house” in way that is similar to the Bolt content production arm, in that clients can go directly to the specialized division, or go through Juniper\TBWA to get a fuller suite of services.

“Looking at how clients are coming to us for design-specific work, we decided it’s best to to create a standalone shop so others would more readily see that option as well,” Nykoliation says.

The team at Le Parc has developed design work for brands like the Toronto Symphony Orchestra (Toronto Symphony Orchestra), retailers (Major League Socks) and pharmaceutical companies (EPM Pharmaceutical’s launch of their synthetic cannabinoid IP platform), with more projects set to launch in the new year. Nykoliation says a “multi billion dollar client in the U.S. is using the firm for a “very large” design project, and will provide more details when available.