2019 Agency Holiday Cards: Week 2

Updated mistletoe and a Secret Santa innovation are among the ways agencies are helping clients enjoy the season.

Now that December has arrived, the holiday cards from Canada’s ad agencies are beginning to roll in. Check back every Friday this month to see all the ways the shops are commemorating the season, and have a look at the ones we’ve received already.

Fuse makes mistletoe that respects boundaries


Mistletoe is a persistent holiday tradition, but in 2019, the idea of using some sneaky rule to get a kiss from someone should make some people a bit uncomfortable. But if you still want to make mistletoe part of your holiday decor without having to fend off persistent invasions of boundaries, Fuse has created “Mistle 2.0.” At it’s core, the invention is the same as any mistletoe, with one simple addition: a tag that clearly states whether someone standing under the festive plant is ready for a smooch, or if someone aiming to sneak a peck can “go fuck yourself.”


Scratch helps with a digital detox


Toronto agency Scratch knows that the holidays are when people want to rest and spend quality time with friends and family, but might find it difficult to break their tech addictions. So, the agency has been sending out a “digital detox” kit, which includes a mini alarm clock so you don’t have to keep your phone near the bed; an eye mask and earplugs for restful sleep; a sleeve to keep your phone out of sight; activity dice; a timer to to set limits for tech use; and a fidget cube if you absolutely need something for your fingers to do instead of check your phone. And if you absolutely must be online during the holidays, Scratch’s website is helpfully hosting a number of relaxing videos, like serene winter landscapes and the classic yule log.


Pound & Grain creates its own coffee blend


Staff at Pound & Grain are self-professed coffee lovers, believing it “fuels their hustle.” So it worked with Elysian Coffee Roasters and the Perez family of Finca La Soledad in Guatemala to create its own blend with chocolatey notes, 404 Coffee. To help clients keep a little pep in their step during the holiday season, it also created a recipe for “Hustle Fuel,” a spiked coffee cocktail with cinnamon, nutmeg and brandy.

Blackjet disrupts the office gift exchange

The White Elephant/Yankee Swap/Christmas Pirates gift exchange is an increasingly popular office gift-giving tradition, but having to choose and keep track of a little piece of paper pulled out of a hat requires more organization than should be expected this time of year. “Secret Santa Realness” is an “innovative” “new” “app” developed and built by Toronto agency Blackjet to help simplify the whole process: names are entered into the Geocities-inspired UX, randomly generating one each time it’s someone else’s turn. There’s also a behind-the-scenes video if you want to learn how this game-changing innovation came to be.