Tech in Action: Contiki gets Alexa to pack your bags

The travel company addresses one of the biggest pain points of preparing for a trip.


Youth-focused travel company Contiki is capitalizing on millennial use of voice tech to address one of their major areas of stress.

The “Contiki Pack My Bags” skill will compile a custom packing list of items a customer might need for their trip, based on the location and time of year they are travelling. Users can let Alexa know which of the items they already have as it moves through the list, which is collated and has the option for users to add items to it manually. A text version of the list will also be made available in the Alexa app and by email.

The skill also includes visual elements, like destination photos, for display on Alexa-enabled devices with a screen or Amazon’s Fire TV.

Contiki creates trips and tours for travellers between 18 and 35, a demographic that has the most appetite for burgeoning voice-enabled technology services. According to the company’s research, 45% of millennials use voice-assisted technology, while 47% of the smart home market is made up of consumers under the age of 35. Creating a voice skill specifically around packing came from insights gathered from Six-Two, the company’s online travel magazine, where content related to packing was among the best performing on the site, according to Toni Ambler, Contiki’s CMO.

The skill also has a tie-in to the Contiki Cares CSR initiative to get customers to travel in a more environmentally conscious way: the voice skill tends to recommend products that are more environmentally sustainable and pack in a way that reduces waste and single-use plastics.