How RBC is pushing for more inclusivity

Even though the bank is ranked the third-most diverse company in the world, it's still not good enough, says senior director Gopal Bansal.

When communities and organizations are more inclusive, it leads to better societal and business outcomes – that’s the overall goal and message of RBC’s latest campaign entitled, “That Little Voice.”

The first spot of “That Little Voice” launched late January with a more than two-minute spot touching on heavy themes, such as the issue of racism, inappropriate jokes in the workplace and language barriers, among others. The spot shows that, instead of listening to “that little voice” that tells you to ignore a tasteless joke at work, or to keep quiet when a client makes a racist comment, you “need to find yours, and make it heard.”

Gopal Bansal, senior director, diversity and inclusion at RBC says the campaign – created by Grip Limited – touches on many, if not all, of the brand’s core values, which include diversity and inclusion, collaboration, accountability, and integrity. “[The campaign] is about, ultimately, our purpose of helping clients thrive and communities prosper. When communities can be more inclusive, you’re going to have more prosperous communities. When communities prosper, economies prosper. And when economies prosper, we all prosper,” says Bansal.

“That Little Voice” is the second phase of RBC’s Speak Up For Inclusion platform, with the company’s Speak Up for the Inclusion of Women program, which launched roughly three years ago and includes video discussions with its employees, as the first phase. The brand has had similar video conversations with its staff about the challenges surrounding LGBTQ+ issues, as well as the barriers to inclusion for people of colour. Alongside its Inclusion Learning Centre, RBC also offers companies a Speak Up For Inclusion online toolkit, which was created to encourage people to “start necessary conversations and provide guides for how to create more inclusive workplaces.”

In 2019, RBC was ranked as the third most diverse and inclusive global organization in Refinitiv’s Top 100 report. Even having achieved the status, Bansal believes there is still room for improvement. “This is a journey. We all need to do better – RBC included. [Non-inclusive behaviour] is something that happens everywhere – whether it’s in our communities, our organizations… sometimes it’s unintended, but these things happen. And so we are on this journey to push for more inclusivity. There’s no destination when it comes to diversity and inclusion.”