Broken Heart Love Affair launches a new agency

Lifelong Crush aims to elevate engagement along the customer journey, complementing its parent agency's high-level brand work.

Broken Heart Love Affair (BHLA) has launched a new subsidiary aimed at bringing its human-centric creative and strategic thinking directly to the people with work at all points along the customer journey.

The new BHLA venture, called Lifelong Crush, will have roughly 10 hires, a process that is currently underway, says Beverley Hammond, partner and CBO at the agency. Though she couldn’t comment on hires yet, it has filled the managing director role, and is looking for senior creatives, planners and account staff.

While BHLA is focused on higher-level projects like “brand transformation and domination,” Hammond says that Lifelong Crush is focused on elevating the way a brand engages with a customer throughout the entirety of the consumer journey, through planning and strategy, as well campaigns, design, content and analytics.

“We’re doing work with a client and then [they'll say], ‘where does the rest of that work happen? Where does the campaign happen?’” Hammond says. “That’s not what BHLA does, but this allows us to make sure that we can deliver all of the other pieces at the same calibre as we’re delivering with BHLA.”

While Lifelong Crush is operating as a separate agency, Hammond doesn’t view this as a siloed approach; rather, it’s to deliver integrated campaigns in an optimal way.

“We’ve seen creative agencies that try to be all things to all people,” Hammond says. “But they’re very different workflows – the processes are different for delivering really great campaign elements, versus high-level brand creative and strategy.”

Hammond adds that the economics of agencies that focus on higher-level transformation versus brand creative are also different – specifically the price points and what services a client is paying for.

“It’s a different model altogether,” she says. “Our belief is that when you try to put them together, you don’t you don’t do either as well as you could. For us, we just feel like we need to keep these things separate so that it’s more cost effective for clients.”

One thing that is similar about Lifelong Crush, however, is that it is built on the same philosophy as BHLA. In recent months, Hammond says there has been an increase in client demand for the agency’s to take its approach to improving a brand’s engagement along the consumer journey.

“The way we come at strategy [is] with a very human first approach,” she says. “But we’ll also have access to analytics through our partners and be able to deliver against campaign goals and KPI’s in various ways.”

Lifelong Crush has enlisted partners to help provide whatever it is not able to do in-house, including RVK Productions, Epitaph Media and Hype PR, along with other agencies providing multicultural and French language support.

BHLA launched in the spring, folding in the operations of Republic, Hammond’s previous agency, which has allowed it to scale up its services, including Lifelong Crush, quickly. Since opening its doors, it has picked up assignments for clients including Kruger, Arterra Wines, Sandbanks Winery, WW and Hershey.