Speak up: How are you coping in lockdown?

To check the pulse of the nation, Strategy has launched a survey on the professional and personal impacts of the pandemic.

We’re about to hit the one-year mark of life in lockdown. A very (very) long year of working, child-rearing and social distancing from home.

Strategy’s editorial team would like to understand the impact the last year has had on those within marketing and advertising, both personally and professionally. So the publication has put together a short survey as part of an editorial content series that aims to get a pulse on how the industry is coping.

On the eve of the anniversary (March 19) of the first lockdown that kickstarted widespread WFH policies, Strategy will launch a series of articles on the pandemic’s impact on business, as well as the people behind Canada’s brands and agencies. The series will also include columns featuring thoughts from leaders in the industry, sharing what they did right for the business and their teams, and where they need to focus in 2021.

If you’d like to participate and share your work-from-home experience, you can do so via our short State of the Nation survey (less than five minutes to complete) before February 24. All of the responses will be kept anonymous and used for editorial purposes only.