Hudson’s Bay marks a year of living in lockdown

The retailer looks at the ups and downs of the last twelve months, shifting its focus to homegoods that give customers a sense of control.

Hudson’s Bay is taking a moment to reflect on a year of pandemic living in its latest campaign, called “#Homeiversary.”

The campaign, which the retailer developed with agency Momentum Canada, intentionally highlights both the challenges and unexpected positives of a year lived largely within our own homes, with a 60-second spot telling the story of a family as they navigate the new reality together.

“It was important to be real and contextually relevant,” said Matt Lewis, president of Momentum Canada, in an email. “This is the conversation right now, and the reality for so many. In that sense, it was important to reflect on this year we will never forget, while appreciating some of the silver linings it has brought us along the way.”

According to Jaclyn Sutton, Hudson’s Bay’s VP of integrated marketing, the #Homeiversary campaign is an extension of the company’s brand platform, “Live a Colourful Life,” which was launched last year, just before the pandemic began in Canada.

Though Canadians have endured significant hardships during the pandemic, Sutton said, Hudson’s Bay “believe that all Canadians should surround themselves with what they love.”

While the launch of “Live A Colourful Life” was initially based around self-expression and fashion – a category that has seen historic declines in sales due to lack of demand – the new campaign is focused on the home. Like other retailers, Hudson’s Bay has seen “tremendous growth” in its home categories, Sutton says. While many Canadians held off on big-ticket items in the early days of the pandemic, home renovation and investment became a key trend for Canadians, both because they are spending more time in their homes and because there are fewer places to send their disposable income.

“Canadians are investing in elevating every room in their house – from new cookware or appliances for creating meals together, to bed linens and blankets to create warmth and comfort, and office furniture to upgrade work from home spaces,” noted Sutton.

But similar to how the platform was initially based around living life to its fullest on one’s own terms, the goal now is to encourage Canadians to take more control over how their homes are changing, after a year where it might have largely felt like change was forced upon them.

“We wanted to inspire Canadians to bring back some intentionality to their spaces,” said Lewis. “As people work and play in their own spaces, they will be asking more of their home – and go to greater lengths to tailor their home to their current needs.”

The campaign is running on TV, digital and social, as well as through Hudson’s Bay-owned social media and email channels. The campaign also features a social media contest, featuring giveaways throughout March, Cossette Media handled the buy.