Very Good Butchers pushes a meaty message to instill taste trust

The plant-based brand zeroes in on a universal insight it hopes transcends brand agnosticism in the category.

The Very Good Butchers believe it has the right message to help the new Butcher’s Select line break through in an increasingly crowded plant-based category.

In a new, digital campaign for the line, which launched this year at the end of grilling season, the Very Good Food Company boasts of the “meatiness” of its products in a humorous way: as a woman tries to take some of the products through an airport, she’s stopped by security who mistakenly believe her goods are made of meat, only to conclude that they are, indeed, plant-based.

The plant-based category is continuing to grow considerably as more people start to look for alternatives for a number of reasons, ranging from health to ethics to concerns about the impact animal farming has on the environment, says Kyle Marancos, director of marketing and ecommerce for the Very Good Food Company. So rather than zero in on any one of those reasons, the company is looking to a more universal insight that emerged from its research: many shoppers have been disappointed by products in the category, particularly when it comes to taste.

“We’re using ‘meaty’ as a shorthand for taste and texture here, but how we do it with whole ingredients is what sets us apart,” says Jon MacArthur, creative director for the Very Good Food Company. “With so many new brands entering the category, choosing the right one can be a bit of a roll of the dice, but by owning ‘meatiness,’ we’re reinforcing that choosing our products means you aren’t gambling with your dinner.”

The goal is to break through the brand agnosticism that is common in the plant-based category by carving out an ownable message that will drive brand loyalty. That’s also something other brands, such as Sol Cuisine, have also acknowledged and addressed.

The campaign was developed internally and is running digitally through OLV and social. While the exact length of the run is still to be determined, “we’re seeing through early KPIs that it’s a spot that has potential,” says Marancos, and it’s likely to remain in market into 2022.

As with past efforts, Craft is handling PR for the brand.