Lob launches a rebrand built on emotion

The new look for the bocce-golf attraction calls out the feelings players experience while playing the game.


Entertainment and recreation took a big hit during the pandemic, when most businesses in the sector were forced to close during lockdowns.

The setback was significant, but for one Toronto-based attraction, it also represented an opportunity to freshen up their look.

That’s what Lob Toronto did, tapping creative agency John St. to develop a new image that better reflected what the brand is all about.

Lob hosts hybrid golf/bocce ball games within its indoor spaces and heavily targets corporate customers and groups that may be looking for team-building exercises.

4_LOB_Branding rev“Plato said, ‘you learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation,’” says Michelle Hodd. “When we play together, we let our guard down and tap into a variety of emotions, allowing us to connect with our friends on a deeper, yet less intimidating level.”

Those emotions are at the heart of the rebrand, which uses imagery of various expressions that are also evocative of the shape of the balls, tracks and throws common in the game.

It sets aside Lob’s old visual scheme, which was dominated with mint greens and retro imagery, replacing it with a wider array of colours and designs.

“The design system was purposefully built to be accessible, playful and vibrant,” says Jess Willis, CD at John St. “Whether in social, print, or through merch and environmental design, we wanted to have the work actually emote the feeling of connection and joy you feel when you Lob.”