DoorDash gives people one less thing to stress about

The delivery service shifts focus from its restaurants to its customers in a campaign geared towards helping manage hectic To Do lists.

The characters in DoorDash’s newest campaign may be dancing in their own spaces, but they’re not dancing with themselves.

“Dancing With My Stress” is comprised of three spots – two 15-seconds and one 30-second – showing how people who are overwhelmed with household tasks can turn to DoorDash for dinner, and literally dance through the rest of their To Do list.

The message is simple: while those other stresses remain, DoorDash can take at least one of them off of a customer’s plate – and replace it with tasty food from a local eatery.

In its previous ads, DoorDash focused on being part of the neighborhoods it operates in, showing actual independent restaurants from Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver. Heather Cameron, director of brand marketing and creative at DoorDash Canada, says that the “neighborhood” idea is still at play, but with more of a focus on the customer than the restaurant. There’s a whole neighborhood of “Dashers” and restaurants that make their lives a bit easier, and it’s okay to rely on the convenience of a meal delivery service after a long day.

“We wanted to portray the idea that there’s power in giving yourself permission. Permission is the freedom to pay for convenience that can turn your morning, afternoon or evening around,” says Meghan Kraemer, partner and CD with the Hard Work Club, which developed the campaign for DoorDash. “It’s relief from the things that have taken hold of you, like that pile of laundry nagging you from the corner of the room.”

All three spots are running until July 3, with a second flight scheduled for later in the year.

Wavemaker handled media, with the TV buy including high-profile English- and French-language programming and a heavy investment in sports programming, supported by OLV. There is another layer of TV ads focused more on marketing key promotions and offers.