Thesus is letting vegan restaurants sell its boots

The footwear brand is endearing itself to vegans by giving eateries a much-needed extra source of income.

Footwear brand Thesus is offering a helping hand to vegan restaurants by giving them a new menu item: its own fully vegan boots.

At restaurants Three Monks and A Duck and Animal Liberation Kitchen, Thesus’ boots will be purchasable through a code unique to each restaurant, with the entire proceeds going to the restaurant with no limit on the numbers of boots a restaurant can sell.

The campaign launched on June 29 alongside a video showing a day inside the operations at Three Monks and A Duck, with its executive chef wearing a pair of Thesus boots throughout.

The “Boots On The Menu” campaign is an effort by Thesus – formerly known as Alice + Whittles – to become more integrated with vegan restaurants and the vegan community as a whole.

But it is doing that by supporting vegan restaurants that were disproportionately affected by the pandemic and align with its ideals of sustainability and creating cruelty-free products. As a women-owned business led by BIPOC, Thesus is well aware of the challenges faced by niche vegan companies, particularly the less corporate mom-and-pop shops.

“We were really looking for family restaurants that were affected by the pandemic,” says Sofi Khwaja, CEO for Thesus. ”Supporting vegan restaurants that are conglomerates owned by private equity or VC funds are not really what we’re what we’re out to do. The human component behind it is to support diverse restaurants and families who are really giving back to our community through making really beautiful and healthy and vegan food.”

The creative, production and promotion for the campaign was led by Juniper Park\TBWA. Thesus was previously part of Trampoline, the agency’s branding incubator and accelerator mentorship program for BIPOC-owned businesses.

The campaign will run for the rest of the summer on Thesus’ owned media platforms including Instagram and Facebook, as well as on the social media platforms of the restaurants involved. There will be OOH displays at the restaurants as well as updates on Thesus’ website and newsletters.