Wuxly finds a creative way to talk about sustainability

As the competition becomes more eco-minded, the outwear brand aims to bring personality to its key differentiator.


Fashion manufacturer Wuxly has launched a new campaign that shows consumers the sustainable origins of its parkas.

The brand, which was launched in 2015 by James Yurichuk – then a linebacker for the Toronto Argonauts – is a challenger in the outerwear space, and launched with sustainability and transparency as key values. Together with creative partner Arena, the brand has launched this new campaign, called “This is What We’re Made Of,” to hammer those values home – and tell the story of its sustainably sourced, animal-free materials.

“We make our lining from recycled fishing nets and bottles, and there are cool stories about our insulation. We’re trying to find cool ways to communicate this to our community,” Yurichuk tells strategy. “A lot of people who wear our brand are proud to do so, and so we wanted to get our name out there even more, and in a unique way.”

Wuxly_OOH2Alongside the campaign, the brand is debuting its new logo and motto – both also developed with Arena. The logo features a trapezoid lasso with Wuxly’s signature font, which incorporates a transparent through-line to represent the brand’s transparency, Yurichuk says. The motto has been updated from “Live Warm” to “Warmth With Purpose.” The goal with both of the changes, as well as the new campaign, is to help set Wuxly apart from its competitors in the space – especially as they, too, have begun touting their sustainability initiatives.

“There’s different aspects of sustainability that brands can speak to, but when we’re trying to do it all, how do we showcase that?” Astrid Henninger, the brand’s marketing director, says. “Sometimes it felt like we were a little too earnest in our marketing, but as a brand, we’re also fun and light and not as serious as some of the other luxury players in this space. We wanted to bring transparency not just to our materials, but also our personality, to really showcase how Wuxly is different and stands out against the crowd.”

The campaign is primarily rolling out via OOH, which is new for the brand and was deliberately chosen because “it’s hard to stand out in digital,” Henninger says.

“Online is a very crowded space, and with all of the changes to algorithms, iOS and cookies, it becomes harder to connect even with your existing audience,” she explains. “OOH was a choice we made to stand out in the crowd and support our pop-up store in Toronto, so we focused our buy in downtown Toronto. We’re also expanding our wholesale channels, so we’re supporting that by launching the campaign in store, as well. We have signage for our retail partners that they can display.”

Wuxly plans to run the campaign through the winter season. Given its evergreen nature, it may be extended beyond that point, Henninger notes.