Maple Leaf Foods proves that purpose meets profit

From the C-Suite newsletter: Commitment to ESG has elevated the CPG’s perceived value, enabling it to charge a premium.

Heinz Ketchup

Heinz Ketchup bottles made of paper, not plastic

Plus, Canada Goose puts its recycling efforts on display, and IGA starts dishing out stainless steel take-out containers.


If you think Earth Day’s over, you’re dead wrong

The problem with eco marketing: many brands don’t create enough urgency and their messaging is performative around a single day.


Over a third of Canadians ‘tune out’ sustainability messaging

Mintel research shows consumers struggle to understand which actions are impactful.


Canadians want brands to help them be more green

A survey finds consumers want to see action from companies and will reward those who support their own eco goals.


More than half of Canadians will ‘never buy a gas vehicle again’

KPMG finds soaring gas prices could be a big driver in accelerating EV adoption.


Until sustainability becomes a strategic imperative, will businesses support it?

Canada’s C-Suite may not be as committed to making it a priority as other countries.

Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 1.01.45 PM

Strategy’s 2021 Nice List: Part One

Denise Rossetto, Kim Tarlo, Max Geraldo and Josh Budd single out work that deserves a little extra recognition.


Most-read of 2021: Magazine

The most-read features from our print edition range from big award wins to how companies are handling fundamental shifts in the way the world works.

Accenture-Businesses Must Rethink Growth Strategies as People Ex

Brands need to acknowledge the shift to values-based consumption

Accenture finds the agency consumers have is creating a wave of relationship change.

Walmart Canada Corp--Walmart Canada to Eliminate Single-Use Plas

Social Impact Report: Walmart ditches plastic bags

Plus, Cogeco plans to reach net zero emissions by 2050 and Gordon Food Service creates new unit for sustainable packaging.


Nescafe’s (literal) coffee table ties back to a sustainability landmark

Furniture made from coffee grounds is drawing attention to the Cup of Respect program.


SodaStream keeps things simple for its new flavours

The PepsiCo subsidiary brings Pepsi and 7Up to the beverage platform with a campaign more in-line with their mass appeal.


Why Loblaw is avoiding the hard sell in its new content series

New videos on the PC Insiders Project are focused on engaging consumers and loyalty members around subjects they care about, like sustainability.


Cheekbone Beauty gets a new look for Sephora launch

The Indigenous-owned company’s refreshed packaging reflects the environmental stewardship at the core of its brand.