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Post-advertising: brands need to be more interesting

In this month’s editorial, strategy executive editor Mary Maddever reflects on engaging, rather than interrupting, in today’s marketing landscape.


Extreme CSR takes courage

Executive editor Mary Maddever on the new CSR: the cause social revolution.


Editorial: If you want engagement, try engaging

Executive editor Mary Maddever on the challenges of truly connecting with youth.


Editorial: Diversity – not a black and white issue

Strategy executive editor Mary Maddever on the face of diversity in the Canadian marketing industry, and how it impacts everything from hiring policies to store designs.


Editorial: Right smart

Strategy‘s executive editor on why effectiveness remains undeniably linked to creativity.

Last year’s winner Mary de Paoli from Sun Life  (right) with strategy publisher Mary Maddever.

Editorial: Finding the sweet spot

Strategy‘s executive editor Mary Maddever on why mass advertising still matters.


Editorial: Extreme advertising

Mary Maddever on advertising’s rapid-fire evolution and how the industry is trying to keep up.

the lads

Taxi adds CBO remit, gains new global CCO and loses Taxi 2 ECD

Changing of the creative guard: Steve Mykolyn passes the CCO baton and takes on the new CBO role, while Lance Martin tackles a start-up.


What’s next for shopper marketing?

Practitioners and pundits converged at Chicago’s Shopper Marketing Expo this month to weigh in on what’s working now and what needs to change, and to share a glimpse of the shopper and store of the future.

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New York Ad Week: The new agency model is a very old one

Cultural anthropologist Grant McCracken on why the agency’s best value proposition is the commercial.


New York Ad Week: Goin’ Mobile

MEC execs talk about the major impact of mobile, and tell advertisers to think of the platform as their first screen at the IAB Mixx conference.

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New York Ad Week: The big bang of tech and creativity is here

Exec editor Mary Maddever takes in day one of presentations, from Microsoft Advertising to L’Oreal and Foursquare, and reports that the buzz is all about apps and targeted engagement.


Building brand stories

Strategy executive editor Mary Maddever on what gets us to love a brand.


Killer apps: ads’ tech tipping point?

Strategy executive editor Mary Maddever on the app-ification of brands, and a new shopper-focused award show.


Editorial: Net(re)working

Executive editor Mary Maddever on the new opportunities for engaging audiences, and how the media industry needs to change to reflect them.