Canadians are split on if they will grow or shrink their holiday spending

MiQ research also found that consumers are spending more money on fewer goods.


Digital flyers continue to hold sway with consumers

Data from Caddle and Reebee also suggests digital formats have less reach, but higher conversion, than print.


Product benefits are the biggest driver of new trial

NielsenIQ insights reveal that brands can succeed by tapping this sentiment and aligning quality with claims.


Fintech investment is slowing down in a big way

According to KPMG, after a record-breaking 2021, the pendulum is swinging in the other direction for financial disruptors.


Rising costs will make holiday shopping start earlier

Dentsu also predicts this will make shoppers prioritize food and gift purchases over travel and experiences.


Rising costs are pushing consumers away from sustainable products

EY finds Canadians are more interested in things like cutting food waste and second hand shopping than buying higher-priced green products from brands.


Nestle named most valuable food brand

Brand Finance’s annual ranking reveals Hershey is the world’s strongest brand.


Amid inflation, brands need to segment their strategies

According to BrandSpark, while many consumers are looking for affordability, there is also a sizable target for premiumization.

Women clothes in fashion store. Shopping mall. Women fashion shopping concept.

Retail sales are up compared to pre-pandemic days

Mastercard’s latest spending report also found that summer promotions helped offset the dampening effect of inflation.

Back to School-image

Apparel will get the most back-to-school spending

The Retail Council of Canada also expects a 22.5% increase in overall spending this year.


Fewer Canadians think their actions will help the planet

Mintel’s survey also found a dip in how much consumers want to hear about greenwashed efforts.


Inflation is taking the steam out of impulse buys

The latest Field Agent numbers also show that higher prices are having a major impact on brand and product choice.


Some Canadians would rather job hunt than return to the office

A Leger poll also found roughly one quarter of workers plan to quit in the near future.


Prices are spiking in online grocery and dollar stores

Numerator also finds that while some products have fallen off peak inflation, others are still surging.


Marketing and creative could lead sectors in upstaffing

The latest hiring report from Robert Half also finds the industry is increasingly turning to contract talent to fill gaps.