High-income earners are driving private label growth

According to the latest Numerator figures, promotional activity for store brands has been growing since January.


The flavours that will drive future food innovation

WGSN identifies the trends that will be shaping new products by the end of 2023.


Businesses’ economic optimism is sagging

After the rosy days of pandemic recovery, a CPA study finds execs are now far less hopeful about the rest of 2022.


On-premise beverage sales are topping pre-pandemic levels

New CGA data shows some bars and restaurants are seeing double-digit boosts.


Where inflation-pinched Canadians are changing their spending

Ipsos’ Inflation Tracker finds Gen X is the most likely to be cutting back.


RCC creates one-stop platform for a breadth of data

The Retail Pulse Dashboard pulls from several sources to provide critical info across sectors, regions and timeframes.


Marketers think they write good briefs. Agencies disagree

Mark Ritson explains how a lack of strategy and too many objectives can make briefs confusing.


A lot of shoppers have seen price spikes in grocery aisles

Numerator polled Metro customers to see what deal-seeking habits they might adopt if prices continue trending upward.


Business Outlook Survey: Labour, demand and inflation predictions

Sales are forecasted to grow, but not at the same rate.

Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc--McGill University and Alimentation

A lot of Canadians like interactive screens in grocery stores

Caddle insights also reveal customers are noticing digital price tags in the aisles.


FMCG Gurus points out the potential for plant-based fish

The research firm’s insights reveal that calling out the right health benefits is key to helping the category take off.


2SLGBTQ+ advertisers still feel discrimination

Research from PrideAM suggests a significant portion of advertisers don’t feel secure disclosing their identities.


Canadian consumers are in the mood to spend

Though the state of the economy is a factor, the latest MiQ insights show that is having more of an impact on habits like research.


Men and women don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to DE&I

There’s still an awareness gap in understanding discrimination, finds the CMA.


Electric car buyers are fine with paying a premium

According to EY, there has been a rapid change in how much price impacts purchase intent.