2020 Creative Report Card

CRC 2022

A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into the Creative Report Card each year. It takes the strategy team months to pore through awards credits as vast as the annuals they’re published in.

And it’s totally worth it.

To see the lists unfold – revealing all of the creative glory that Canada’s ad scene has to offer – is intoxicating. From the sidelines, we journalists watch the best of the best win award after award. This year, we saw a lot of that repeat behaviour from #1 Agency, Rethink.

The timing couldn’t be any better: in 2020, CCOs Chris Staples and Ian Grais will step back from the agency they founded alongside Tom Shepansky 20 years ago. They’re celebrating the milestone birthday by each claiming the #1 Creative Director title.

As for the top Brand rank, that one goes to Right to Play for “We Rise,” which saw slick design from BBDO’s Mike Nugent (#1 Designer) and strategy from Tom Kenny (#1 Planner).

And last, but certainly not least, Bensimon Byrne’s David Mueller and Narrative’s Debbie Chan made their way to the top of the Copywriter and Art Director lists, respectively, for blending advertising with PR for clients like White Ribbon.

We crunched numbers from a range of regional, national and international award shows to assess who the kings and queens of the CRC are every year.

You can access the full lists for creatives and companies using the links in the menu to the right. And if you want to dig a little deeper, click on the names in each list to access more information, previous year’s rankings as well as news articles on some of the work that came out of Canada over the past year.

* We did our utmost to populate the site with images and information for each company and individual, unfortunately we were unable to plug in data for everyone. If you would like to change/add a headshot or location information, please email Jennifer Horn at jhorn@brunico.com to update your profile.


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