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Fools rush in, where many fear to tread

Strategy content director and editor Jen Horn on why a brave (but measured) approach is best amid the hype of Web3.

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Editor’s Note: The marketer of the future is already here

The “CMO 3.0″ is taking on more responsibilities as they lead transformational change for their brands.

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Editor’s Note: Please stay, don’t go

Depending on who you’re talking to, the Great Resignation is, well, pretty great.

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Getting to the core of the DEI issue

Strategy editor Jennifer Horn asks if will we see the day genuine action precedes outward shows of support for a just world.


What’s next is still a massive question mark

Strategy editor Jennifer Horn asks: the workplace is ripe for change, but will the industry bite?

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Great(er) expectations

Strategy Editor Jennifer Horn on marketers’ need to keep their brands accountable to their principles.

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Brand thinkers make the industry go ’round

Editor Jennifer Horn on promoting agency powers of building empathy, humanity and brave thinking into brands.


Unlocking your inner brand hacker

Editor Jennifer Horn on the benefits of pulling apart, analyzing, modifying and putting your brand back together again.