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Staff Photo - PHD

2022 Media AOY Silver: PHD leads with purpose (and lots of good intel)

The agency has invested in senior-level expertise, data analysis and creative.

At Scotiabank, president and CEO Brian Porter passes the torch to Scott Thomson.

Corner Office Shifts: New Scotiabank CEO to begin early 2023

Plus, a media marketing heavy hitter takes over at Paramount+.


What’s behind the dairy category’s flavour frenzy

From frozen treats to alternative options, novelty, inclusion and health benefits are driving innovation.


Unilever boosts ad spend in high inflation environment

The CPG aims to prevent consumers from switching to private label goods amid a staggering increase in price.


Corner Office Shifts: Hires and departures at Knorr, Conagra and HelloFresh

Plus: A music industry giant creates a new position in revenue and digital strategy.


Unilever is investing in its brands amidst price hikes

Strong price action across segments drove Q1 growth, allowing the company to stay competitive in advertising and R&D.


Unilever unveils tighter youth marketing policies

The company will not advertise food and beverages to children under 16, including through influencer content.


Creative Report Card 2022: Dove broadens its expression of ‘Real Beauty’

How this year’s top brand adapted its core mission to a new reality.


Marrying sales and sustainability

Several brands are showing that environmental goals and business growth doesn’t have to be a one-or-the-other choice.


Amid growing sales, big CPGs remain wary of inflation

As revenue surges and marketing spend increases, Coke, Pepsi and Unilever warned of the impact of inflationary pressures.


Most-read of 2021: Shopper Marketing Report

From new products to new ways to use promo spend, the stories SMR readers were most interested in this year.

Hellmann's Garbage Truck

Why Hellmann’s deployed a fleet of garbage trucks

The Unilever brand brings a new visualization of its food waste message to the streets of Peterborough.


Unilever keeps spending behind its brands steady

CEO Alan Jope expects spend to be in line with last year, as the prestige of its brands is helping weather price increases.


Brands begin the process of learning and listening

To advance DEI, some companies are taking slow-but-steady steps to build a culture of understanding within their organizations.

Dove Kids_Gift Pack

Dove brings its self-esteem messaging to bath time

Taking inspiration from its parent brand, Dove Kids Care aims to make sure children get positive affirmations from the shelf to the tub.