New Eat-More ad builds on successful strategy

Ambrose Carr Linton Carroll of Toronto is behind the latest campaign for Hershey Canada’s Eat-More Original candy bar.

The agency was assigned the project earlier this year following the break-up of Hershey and DDB Needham Worldwide.

The new 30-sec. commercial builds on a strategy that has worked successfully for the candy bar since the early 1980s – the prolonged enjoyment of eating an Eat-More – and uses the existing theme line, ‘A Real Long Chew.’

The commercial’s simple plot contrasts the hectic nature of the world with a retreat by a lake.

The spot shows a man taking his Eat-More to a quiet lake at dusk and skipping a stone for what seems like ages.

Steve Conover, senior vice-president, executive creative director of aclc, says ‘The target group really responds to what the bar does for them. It has to do with the fact that because it’s toffee, chocolate and peanuts, it does take some time to eat an Eat-More.’