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AToMiC Awards 2011

Strategy’s inaugural awards celebrate the best achievements across Canada’s media industry, spanning advertising, technology, media creativity and content.


Underpants, and other things that made us look

Our October issue unveils the winners of our first annual AToMiC Awards, as well as our Brands of the Year.


Grey’s new CCO comes with his own company

Birthplace founder Patrick Scissons joins Grey Canada, which absorbs his shop into its new downtown digs.

Swim team

Vonk and Kestin go Swimming

Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin leave Ogilvy to start their own creative leadership training business.

Swim team

Vonk and Kestin go Swimming

The award-winning duo give details about their new venture, Swim, after leaving their posts as co-CCOs of Ogilvy.


Focus and context are the new art and copy

Our Next Big Thing issue points the way to the future of advertising and marketing.


The future of viewing

Our Fall TV issue explores the evolution of TV this year – web, social, addressable – and what it means to advertisers.


Canada has 10 shots at Film Lions

The Cannes Film jury puts through two BBDO entries – including Gold Cyber winner Skittles.

James Ready's "Cap Recall" is on the shortlist.

Cannes juries love Leo Burnett

Leo leads the pack as Canada has 30 chances to pick up Lions so far, with shortlists for seven categories announced.


Cannes Special: Editorial – The new ads

Our Cannes Special Edition rounds up the latest marketing trends, new leaps in technology and some of the year’s best advertising ideas.


The future of creativity

With the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity looming on the calendar, the June 2011 issue of strategy takes a look at where we are and where we’re headed.



The winners of our annual Cause + Action Awards show the impact brands can have in the CSR space, while two new awards reflect important shifts in advertising.


Meet the new mass

As our annual youth marketing report reveals, if you want to reach an audience that’s drifting further away from cable TV and print, you’d better become a whiz at digital and social media.


Winning by design

As Target and other U.S. stores expand into the Great White North, our annual design issue takes a retail focus to see who’s creating excitement in the aisles and how.


Getting past paint-by-numbers thinking

In our annual Creative Report Card issue, we look at who’s been winning big at regional and national advertising award shows, and why it matters.