Burger King puts a ring on it

The QSR relaunches its latest iteration of the Whopper with a campaign that plays off the burger’s name, Ring Master.

Burger King Canada is targeting its core group of super fans, males aged 18 to 49, with its latest campaign for the Ring Master Whopper.

The burger, which was formerly known as the Bourbon Whopper was renamed and a five-week TV and radio campaign launched today, with media by Initiative and creative from Taxi 2, Lucy Todish, senior manager, advertising at Burger King Canada tells MiC.

The 15- and 30-second TV commercials feature a couple inside a Burger King restaurant, where things don’t go so well for the boyfriend who sneaks a ring into his would-be-fiance’s Ring Master Whopper.

“We really wanted to take this opportunity to play around a little with the name and highlight the fact that the burger has onion rings on it,” says Todish.

The TV spots will air on networks including Global Television, The History Network and The Comedy Network, on shows like The Simpsons which reach the chain’s core demographic, says Todish. The 30-second radio spots feature an announcer talking about the burger’s ingredients.