Vaseline gets a grip with men

The Unilever brand launches its new male-focused product line with an experiential stunt and online ads.

Ever tried to perform a muscle building, body arching chin-up before? How about 12 of them while positioned as a human flag in mid-air?

Well, for the launch of Vaseline’s new product line for men in Toronto yesterday, the brand asked Canadian acrobat Dominic Lacasse to complete as many above-ground chin-ups as possible for the chance to be entered into the Guinness World Records. American football legend and face of the new product line, Michael Strahan, was also at the event to motivate the acrobat and promote the new product and its online game,

The idea behind the stunt was to illustrate and test the benefits of the new Vaseline Men cream, which claims to be fast absorbing and non-greasy. After lathering up, Lacasse was able to keep his grip and remain in an aerial position while completing the challenge.

Vaseline launched the branded online game to further promote the product, which is targeted at men between 30 and 40 years old, and the game includes commentary by Strahan as he coaches the user on how to tackle players in a virtual game of football.

“It’s a great way to engage your average Canadian guy with the brand and to showcase the grip benefit in cyberspace,” says Valerie Rousseau, brand manager, Vaseline.

Launched July 24, the new product is also being promoted through two TV spots planned by Mindshare, featuring Strahan coaching Lacasse while he performs a series of acrobatic feats with the product on his hands. The spots will air across a number of networks in Canada during the football season and end in February. The campaign will also include online banners and a Facebook page, designed by Toronto-based Dashboard, says Rousseau.

A partnership with Chill magazine allowed Vaseline to promote and sample the new line in Ontario Beer Stores, says Rousseau, adding that the brand wanted to reach men through posters, coupons and in-store material, which were created by Capital C.