AToMiC Tech Breakthrough

Corn Pops takes gold with "It's Popnetic," while Canadian Blood Services wins silver and History Channel's Storming Juno gets bronze.

GOLD: Corn Pops gets Popnetic

After six years of advertising inactivity, Kellogg’s wanted to reintroduce Corn Pops by shifting the focus to tweens.
The company charged Starcom MediaVest Group with targeting kids between the ages of 10 and 14, but this presented a challenge – too young for TV but not old enough for Facebook and Twitter.
The demo is starting to expand their media consumption beyond TV. This meant digital had to play a critical role.
The campaign focus was the new Corn Pops “It’s Popnetic” platform (it’s kinetic, it’s phonetic and it’s magnetic). It started with online drivers to the brand site. In a series of media firsts, the agency leveraged the webcam as a means to spark tween conversation more directly and in real-time. For 80% of Canadian tweens, the number one social media was online instant messaging (IM).
The agency employed advanced motion-control technology to create a totally new IM experience, partnering with MSN Messenger. As tweens logged on, they were prompted to play a real-time game within the actual chat. With their webcams activated, they see each other, but a kitchen table is projected between them with an empty bowl on either side. To play, tweens use their mouse to fling Corn Pops at their counterpart. Using their heads, they bounce the flying Corn Pops into the bowl. (A non-webcam version of the game was also available.)
The Corn Pops site attracted more tweens a month in Canada than long-established sites such as, and Volume is up 3% and net sales have popped +5.3%. Truly Popnetic results.


Client: Kellogg Canada

Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group

Group Director, Digital: Robin Hassan

Strategy Planner: Jamile Raval

Group Account Director: Randy Carelli

Strategy Managers: Brian Chan, Charlotte Cheng

Media Carrier: MSN, Branded Entertainment Experience Team

SILVER: Canadian Blood Services taps Facebookers’ friends

One in two people will either need blood themselves or know someone who will, yet only 4% of the population donates.  It was critical to reposition Canadian Blood Services (CBS) as a brand that can’t be ignored.
Offline, the first-ever Canadian blood icon was created, alerting Canadians to the fact that supplies are low and blood is needed. Online, was developed, with the goal of attracting 100,000 new donors annually within three years.
To hit donors-to-be, DDB used Facebook Connect linking to the microsite that hosted a personalized video – pulling in statistics, visuals and audio narrative that works around each person’s unique set of friends and activity.
In the first three months, CBS collected over 11,000 units of blood from new donors – exceeding its target by 27%.


Client: Canadian Blood Services

Agency: DDB Canada/Tribal DDB/Radar DDB

Creative Directors: Denise Rossetto, Louis-Philippe Tremblay

Associate Creative Director (copywriter): Matt Antonello

Associate Creative Director (art director): Paul Riss

Art Director: Barry Lachapelle

Group Account Director: Nicole Lupke

Account Supervisor: Susan McGregor

Account Executive: Joel Hunking

Producer: Cathy Kim

Director: Ed Lee

Community Cultivator: Danie, Gomez-Ortigoza


BRONZE: Storming Juno gets interactive

Secret Location was tasked with extending the narrative of the docudrama Storming Juno via a riveting site incorporating film clips, photography and CGI. The immersive 360 environment allows viewers to navigate through a 3D setting, where graphical “hotspots” serve as gateways to stories told by Canadian veterans and other witnesses. The film clips then fragment into a 3D interface that serves as a menu for story selection. Clicking each fragment unlocks an actual veteran or eyewitness story from the beach on D-Day.


Client: Shaw Media, History Television

Website created by: Secret Location

Executive producer: James Milward

Producer: Noora Abu Eitah

Creative director, lead designer: Pietro Gagliano

Technical director, lead developer: Ryan Andal

Art director, Motionographer: Steve Miller

Developers: Gino Fazari, Michael Phan, John Callaghan, Darryl Cheung

Matte Painters: Jordan Nieuwland, Steve Miller

Writers: Christopher Gagosz, Noora Abu Eitah, James Milward

Designer: Janice Tsang

Photographer: High Probyn

Compositions/sound design: Lodewijk Vos

Editors: Jason Lord, Jonathan Lall

Research by: The Historica-Dominion Institute, Entertainment One, Windup Filmworks, Secret Location

Music by: Daniel Pellerin, Mark Stewart

Voice-over talent: Ben Muir


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