Eccotique Spa and Salon attempts to fight crime

The Vancouver-based spa exchanges gift certificates for confessions from Stanley Cup rioters.

So, you weren’t caught red-handed during the Vancouver Stanley Cup riots in June and have been waiting for a good reason to turn yourself in ever since? Well, look no further as BC-based Eccotique Spa and Salon is giving out $50 massage and pedicure gift certificates in exchange for your confession.

While the thought of riot culprits turning themselves in for a calming and de-stressing massage may seem improbable, the actual goal of the promotion is to create buzz for the spa and salon, says Scot Keith, president and founder of Kommunity, the agency that worked on the campaign.

“There are so many spas these days and you have to ask, how do you position them?” he says. “We like to say that this is a great spa that dabbles in crime-fighting once in a while.”

The brand is focusing its attention on the digital space and will be spreading the word of its limited-time offer through social networking sites. Keith explains that if a brand is going to use social media in a promotion, it should look for current topics of discussion to spin-off of.

“Nowadays, if you want to do things in the social media space you have to pick something that people actually care about,” he says. “What happened in June is still in Vancouver newspapers almost every day, talking about what is and what isn’t happening – people are still mad. This just gets the discussion going and is a creative way of poking fun at the people who did this.”