Job search gone wrong

Workopolis shows you how not to make a video CV.

In this day and age it’s important to figure out ways to get a leg up on the competition when on the hunt for a new job. A video resume is always a good idea if done properly. Unfortunately for the gentleman in this video, he doesn’t do it properly. Not properly at all. Developed by Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo, this Workopolis ad shows you what not to do.


advertiser: Workopolis
agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CD: Zak Mroueh, Joseph Bonnici
AD: Sean Gannan
writer: George Ault
account team: Dic Dickerson, Laura Robinson, Jennifer Christen,
pr team: Amy Greenshields, Kristen Marano, Sebastian Gatica,
integrated producer: Caroline Wrinch
executive producer: Jacinte Faria
prodco: Hard Citizen
prodco producer: Nick Sorbara
cinematographer: Gurjeet Mann
editing co: Stealingtime
editor: Graham Chisholm & Leo Zaharatos
post production executive producer: Denise Shearer
COMPOSITOR / ONLINE: Graham Chisholm
colourist/transfer: Alta Ego
audio post facility: The Eggplant
PR: Environics