BMW gets personal in Maclean’s

The luxury car co highlights its text-to-speech tech with a personalized note to each subscriber.

BMW is giving one-on-one service to Maclean’s subscribers for its annual Innovation Issue, hitting mailboxes today.

With creative by Cundari and media by Media Experts, the luxury car co is highlighting its Mobile Office Text-to-Speech function with an insert including a personalized note in each subscriber’s issue.

Noah Vardon, strategy manager, Media Experts, says the ad was launched to take advantage of advancements in printing technology which allow for a high level of personalization.

“The great part of this [printing] technology is that it feels like it is a part of your life, which is what BMW strives for,” he says.

The ad is part of BMW’s fall campaign, which showcases the car co’s latest technological advancements and highlights its 2013 model in TV, OOH and digital ads aimed at men and women aged 35 to 54.