CASSIES Bronze: Vector targets moments of sweat

Leo Burnett helps turn around the Kellogg Canada brand, attracting ambitious actives with its “Get Out What You Put In” campaign.
Vector OOH Davenport

BRONZE: Off to a Good Start

Situation Analysis: Vector had initially done well as a “Hardcore Food for Hardcore Athletes,” but then it stagnated. Part of the problem was an identity crisis. It was packaged like a traditional cereal, yet – as a food enriched with protein, carbohydrates and 22 vitamins and minerals – it was actually a meal replacement. For 2010, the decision was made to reposition Vector, and give it one final shot.

Strategy & Insight: It was clear that there weren’t enough hardcore athletes to support Vector’s mass-market aspirations. More promising was a larger group identified as “Ambitious Actives.” Vector needed to become a valued partner in their lives. This led to the insight that what you put into your body is directly tied to what you get out.

Execution: The campaign inspired Ambitious Actives to push it, showing “moments of sweat” with an intensity that created empathy and encouragement. TV and online concentrated on the sports and fitness world, while outdoor was on jogging routes, indoor was in Goodlife clubs, and Facebook featured a growing Vector community.

Results: Starting in April 2010, the campaign drove baseline sales +19% vs. year ago for the four months it was on air, and sustained 10% growth for the 12 months through May 2011. This compared to a 4% decline for the 12 months prior to the campaign.

Cause & Effect: Vector advertising changed perceptions in the categories of “preferred brand,” “healthy and nutritious” and “inspires me to be active.” Pricing, if anything, was higher during the campaign than previously, while spending, distribution and other promotional activity were all in the normal range.


Kellogg Canada
VP marketing: Andrew Loucks associate director: David Bagozzi senior manager of consumer insights: Vinu George; brand manager: Roli Varma

Leo Burnett
CEO, CCO: Judy John; SVP client services: Karen Tilley; VP director of planning: Brent Nelsen; senior strategic planner: Steve Meraska; group account directors: Janet Thompson, Randy Carelli; AD: David Federico; copywriter: Morgan Kurchak; account director: Joseph Myers; CD, Arc: Shirley Ward-Taggart; ACD, Arc: Ian Kay; copywriter, Arc: Matt Doran

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