Designing an experience

From savvy social media to in-store display, our Design Report examines how brands are creating the new 360-degree experiences.
La Vitrine 1

How does a customer feel after interacting with a brand? How do brands build emotional ties that resonate beyond the physical parameters? How can brands design a 360° experience?

Experiential design can be as complex as exciting the senses, the way ticket vendor La Vitrine did, but it can also include finding new ways of connecting, such as Lululemon’s foray into social media, or tailoring an environment to meet specific consumer insights, like Pure Pharmacy in B.C. did with its reassuring redesign.

Read on to learn how five brands designed signature experiences by tapping emotions and stimulating the mind.

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La Vitrine beckons with tech

Red commands audience engagement (literally)

Lululemon inspires socially

Pure dispenses calm to launch novel hybrid retail concept

Colton’s taps exclusivity