Dare wins Run for the Cure

Both Toronto and Vancouver offices of the agency will work on the campaign for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation event.

Dare is walking away with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Run for the Cure, says Richard Hadden, president and CCO, Dare. Both Toronto and Vancouver offices will work on the campaign.

“We had a slightly different process that defined the communications continuum beyond the very linear runner-donor-race experience, and [we will] broaden the messaging into a more year-round effort that talks to donors and potential volunteers, raising the level of participation and hopefully making [the run] bigger and more successful overall,” he says of their approach to the pitch.

The creative, which was formerly handled by Grey Toronto, will focus on promotion of the Run itself, with the cause aspect brought upfront. “The run has to be seen as facilitating financial contributions,” he says. “But it shouldn’t overtake the cause. Breast cancer is the cause and the impetus behind the emotional involvement that ultimately determines whether the audience is going to participate or not. So we can’t lose sight of that.”