Arby’s sandwich creates disbelief

The QSR is promoting its new limited-time product with video interviews of those who believe in paranormal activity, but are skeptics of the sandwich's existence.

‘Tis the season for getting spooky, and Arby’s is joining brands conducting Halloween-themed promotions this fall, with a cast of individuals that “Believe the Unbelievable” in a quartet of documentary-style videos to create buzz for its Three Cheese & Bacon sandwich.

The budget for the campaign was small, but the brand will be supporting the videos with digital ads across entertainment sites and social media channels, says Andrew Simon, chief creative officer, Blammo (the agency involved in creation and placement of the videos and advertising). “It’s not about spending millions of dollars to promote this, with Arby’s we needed to be clever and savvy in terms of what appeals to our audience,” he says, adding that the target is typically younger men aged 18 to 34, making digital a fitting choice for the campaign.

“The creative approach in terms of going with the longer format online video felt right for this particular campaign,” he says of each spot which is close to a minute-and-a-half. The videos show interviews with actual people who believe in the supernatural and claim they have had sightings of UFO’s, ghosts and Big Foot. The spot ends with the interviewee asking if they believe that the new limited-time Arby’s sandwich actually exists, with each rejecting the idea with skepticism.

“We had this idea that could play into the paranormal, [and] we decided to let the interviewees tell their story, and not cut it down to make it a quick hit, make people really appreciate all the wonders that they believe.”

For the promotion of the sandwich, there is also in-store signage, says Simon, and additional banner ads, with creative along the idea of “Believe the Unbelievable,” will run on sites until the end of November.