War Child’s attempt to build hope

Media companies in Canada have donated time for the organization's latest spot that shows crayons replacing bullets.

Bell Media, Shaw Media, the CBC and Astral Radio are playing a role in bringing War Child’s latest campaign for children in conflict zones to Canadian’s attention. Each media company has donated ad space for the organization to run the new half-a-minute “JAM” spot on their television and radio stations until the end of November.

The public service announcement is the creation of John St. (who worked on the campaign pro-bono) and shows the devastating effects of war on children, with scenes of violence being halted by objects representative of a person’s childhood. For example, bullets inside the barrel of a gun are replaced with crayons, bubbles blow through the war-stricken communities and pages from children’s books fall to the ground.

The tagline, “where childhood thrives, war does not,” speaks to the organization’s efforts to provide children with the “access to education, opportunity and justice they need to reclaim their childhood and grow into adults capable of creating lasting change in their communities,” says Stephen Jurisic, co-creative director, John St.

“In our mind it feels like a natural evolution to the past work we have done [for War Child],” he adds. “It’s still provocative, but this messaging is building in more hope and clarity to what War Child does in conflict zones.”