Orville Redenbacher brings its own bowl

The ConAgra Foods brand launches a TV and digital campaign aimed at moms for its new Pop Up Bowl.

ConAgra Foods’ Orville Redenbacher has launched its new Pop Up Bowl, which turns into its own stand-alone bowl in the microwave, with a TV and digital campaign targeting moms aged 34 to 45.

Harminder Singh, brand manager, Orville Redenbacher’s Canada says creative in the campaign, with media by Starcom and digital by SapientNitro, focuses on innovation behind the bag itself (which launched in the US in mid-2011), adapting the US TV spot featuring magician Criss Angel for the Canadian TV commercial.

“From a microwave popcorn perspective this is the biggest thing to happen to microwave popcorn?since microwave popcorn,” she says. “There hasn’t been a lot of innovation around the technology of the bag, but nothing game changing to this degree.”

The English TV spots are running nationally until May on conventional and specialty stations, with the hope that a second wave of spots will feature a French version as well, says Singh.

In addition to TV, the product will be promoted to its target through activations on its Facebook page as well as a kick-off event with Rogers Media in late December, which included prominent placement during City’s New Year’s Eve celebrations from Toronto and audience sampling during Cityline and Breakfast Television.