Shopper Innovation Awards: In-store engagement

Keurig brews up a Gold win, while Metro takes Silver and ComQi takes Bronze for effectively engaging customers in stores.


Keurig brews a sample solution

Research conducted by agency SVM for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) Canada and its Keurig brewing system found that consumers saw the machine as fast and easy. However, they did not see it as a better-quality, high-value option or believe that the single-serve coffee was fresh, had a superior taste or better aroma than traditional brewers.

To counter this, SVM developed a new self-serve Keurig sampling unit with K-Cup packs to be used in the deli section of supermarkets. Two different size units were created to accommodate different kinds of retailers, and included instructions to educate shoppers about the product and how to use the single-serve system.

The unit allowed shoppers to sample a variety of coffees, and it generated traffic and buzz for the product. The year after a pilot project, the brand installed a sampling prototype in Sobeys stores.

Research showed that 98% of shoppers liked the Keurig self-serve concept in their store’s coffee section and preferred the layout and process over supermarkets’ traditional coffee service. Freshness (60%), coffee selection (53%) and convenience were the key benefits mentioned.

For retailers, the addition of an eye-catching brewing system in their coffee section enhanced the shopping experience and created opportunities to attract new customers. And GMCR Canada benefited from the value-added visibility outside the regular coffee aisles in retail locations.

Client: GMCR Canada
Agency: SVM
Director trade marketing: Martin Rivard
Account director: Elfi Morin
Account manager: Virginie Lacroix


SILVER (Also won GOLD: Brand new!)

Metro enters a new Hémisphère

Metro was about to launch a new line of exclusive, high-quality wines and needed to convince Quebec consumers that the wines at the grocery stores were as good as those purchased at the Société des alcools du Québec (Québec’s liquor stores).

Metro’s target consumer is women with children, between the ages of 25 and 54. She loves to cook and try new things, but she doesn’t have much time and appreciates practical solutions.

When Metro launched its Hémisphère line of wines (selected by expert sommelier Patrice Tinguy) in October 2012, the strategy was to use the sommelier’s credibility and the wine’s country of origin to showcase its high quality and exclusivity, as well as suggest ways to enjoy it.

The stores were used as the primary media for this campaign, with section designed by ZIP communication for the Hémisphère line. Special displays and posters were installed, and Metro’s website and weekly flyer included specially created content and sections. Wine tasting events were held, and QR codes on displays led consumers to a microsite that gave detailed information about the wines.

Taste tags were used to help shoppers find their perfect wine match, and a colour code directed them to wines from their favourite region. Metro’s four Hémisphère wines did well against other wines in store, consumers gave positive feedback during taste tests, and sales surpassed expectations at the launch and have been growing ever since.

Client: Metro
Agency: ZIP communication
CD: Michèle Leduc
AD: Marie-Claude Boulais
Client services: Fanny Martin
Production: Vicky Blain



ComQi issues a Passport for digital play

ComQi’s Passport was created to bridge the virtual and physical retail environments by allowing consumers to interact with content and messaging on digital screens using their smartphone. Content on the screen is paired with a unique QR code, which users can scan to access product information, coupons, loyalty programs and interactive gaming. It can also incorporate social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, so that consumers can share their experiences with friends.

Consumers have access to way-finding information, “what’s on” listings and specific offers, with some companies also integrating queue management, reservations and ticket purchasing systems. The Passport differentiates itself from other mobile-focused applications in that it uses HTML5 technology to allow rich web-based apps to run on any device, therefore consumers never need to install an application on their phone.

Company: ComQi
CEO: Ajay Chowdhury
CTO: Max Stevens-Guille
President, North America: Stuart Armstrong