H&M shows off its spring wares

The clothing co is putting its new Conscious Collection line outdoors with a mannequin-based transit ad.

H&M is promoting its recently launched Conscious Collection spring line by putting some of the pieces directly in front of consumers.

The Canadian arm of the global clothing co has adapted the worldwide campaign with creative done in-house, featuring French singer and actress Vanessa Paradis for its national print, digital, TV and OOH promotion with media by MediaCom. Though the collection features clothes for men, women, teens and kids, the campaign is largely targeted at females between 18 to 40 because of its spokesperson this season, says Emily Scarlett, communication and press department, H&M.

Unique to the Canadian market is the TSA at Yonge-Dundas Square with work by Grafixcor, which features an actual mannequin wearing clothes from the new line inside the transit-wall glass.

“The idea for the TSA came from the TV spot where Vanessa Paradis where she finds a seed in a box and then a beautiful garden starts growing all around here,” says Scarlett. “It was just how we could bring that to life a little bit more.”

The launch of the spring Conscious Collection last Thursday also marked the official kick off for H&M’s clothing recycling program, where consumers can get $5 off their purchase of $30 or more when they bring in a bag of used clothing to the store (with a maximum of two bags a day per person). Clothes collected in each store will be sent to H&M’s partner I:Collect who will sort the clothes into one of four categories: re-wear, reuse, recycle or energy production. Scarlett says the garment collection initiative is set to run indefinitely.